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Overseas Education School attended Jiangsu Committee for Management of Foreign Students in 2020 Annual Meeting

On April 8th to 10th, the 2020 Annual Meeting of Foreign Student Education Management Research Committee of Jiangsu Higher Education Association was held in Changzhou. Wang Chengbin, deputy director of the Department of Education of Jiangsu Province, Xu Shoukun, vice president of Changzhou University, He Xingchu, director of the Department of Foreign Cooperation and Exchange of the Department of Education of Jiangsu Province and other distinguished guests attended the annual meeting and delivered speeches. The meeting reported the 2020 annual work by the provincial overseas students management research association, and added the governing units, universities, public security, foreign affairs office, commercial department and other lines to exchange experience respectively.

On the afternoon of 9th, Li Minming, deputy dean of the Overseas Education School, delivered an exchange speech titled "Exploration on the Education Management of Foreign Students in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Background of "Collaborating with Two Regions and Cultivating People with Three Comprehensions" in the work exchange meeting. In the speech, Li Minming pointed out that the cultivation of international students in our college takes "assimilation management" as the fundamental, "ability improvement" as the core, "cultivation of integrity and ability" as the theme, and actively integrates into the school's "two-district cooperation, three-comprehensions education" education mode to continuously improve the quality of international student talent cultivation.The quality of international student training has been widely recognized by universities, "going out" enterprises and national key overseas projects.

The management team of our school won many honors in 2020: Wang Yitong and Xing Hongyu from the Overseas Education School were awarded "Advanced Individual of Education Management for Foreign Students in Jiangsu Province"; Hua Minmin was awarded "Advanced Individual in Management of Foreign Students against COVID-19 in Jiangsu Province"; Ju Hengxue of Business School was awarded "Excellent Foreign Student Instructor in Jiangsu Province".

In 2020, under the background of COVID-19 epidemic, the management team of JSIT did a good job of online and offline teaching management for international students.The participation and award show that our school has been highly recognized by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education. (Overseas Education School: Wang Yitong, Review: Li Minming)